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I'm so happy?

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I think I love life. Not that I haven't before. But right now more than anything, I feel like I have a legitimate direction. And shit isn't even working out all the way!

I want to somehow at least halfway pursue art in my life. I don't want art to ever leave me. I don't know if I can make a legitimate career out of it, but then again what's so legitimate about me? hahaha!

I love my situation with a certain someone, we get it we get it we get it. And that's why we love it. We're no more than what we have to be, and we get it. We know we want to be with eachother, and that's enough. Fuck what everyone else want's to know, wants to say. Cause it really don't matter to everyone else!

Lol another plus, me and my mom were fighting (my fault): she's really starting to see that I need to move out. I'm afraid they're gonna worry too much if I don't move out sooner than later. And I'm really stressing them out. And I DON'T want to do that so much anymore haha.
I love them so much, but I'm so much my own person, I'd rather be out of sight out of mind than being who I am (which they don't necessarily care for) in front of them all the time.

Hey! Go Life! hahaha

ah hopefully i come back here and talk about more shit. shit shit shit. haha
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